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Independent Financial Advisers · Chartered Financial Planners · Discretionary Wealth Managers

Discretionary Investment Management

A direct response to client demand, our Discretionary Investment Management service transfers responsibility for day-to-day investment decisions from our clients, to our independent, FCA authorised, in-house team.

By avoiding the need for every individual transaction to be advised upon and approved in writing, our service can be much more responsive to market changes, giving our clients a clear advantage. The regulatory hurdles and commitments a firm must undertake to be allowed to offer this service are so high, that it is the preserve of a small minority of Independent Financial Advisors. Its advantages to our clients, however, are so great that we see it as a natural development of our independent and impartial professional status.

A more responsive, daily management service

Our traditional advisory service is actively managed. However, advice for any action has to be proposed and justified in writing, then returned, formally approved in writing by you, our client, before we can act. This involves clients in a high degree of paperwork and inhibits swift responses to new market opportunities and events. In contrast, Discretionary Investment Management allows us to monitor and act for you on a daily basis. 

Decisions still have to be demonstrated as suitable, however this is done internally, allowing our expert managers to react quickly on your behalf, using their own judgement, informed and supported by an impressive range of robust technical information and tools. The result is more active, nimble and efficient management - and much less paperwork for you.

Bespoke service and daily information updates

The level of service provided to McCarthy Taylor clients with funds under discretionary management is greatly enhanced. You can monitor our daily management of your funds via online access. Costs are minimised thanks to our aggregate power in the marketplace. Dividend collection, income and tax are all managed for you, whilst all investment decisions must demonstrably align to individually agreed objectives and strategies. Quarterly reports are provided for information and your peace of mind, not reminders of our requests for extensive paperwork and decisions for which you must take responsibility.

Most of all, the long-standing respected ethos and methods of McCarthy Taylor, combined with the practical advantages of our status as authorised discretionary investment managers, provides an exceptionally complete and effective service, all under one roof.