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Independent Financial Advisers · Chartered Financial Planners · Discretionary Wealth Managers

Financial Planning

  • A bespoke and personal financial plan
  • Full consideration of your hopes and concerns
  • Full consideration of your attitude to the risks and rewards involved

Since 1998, we have been providing bespoke, personal financial planning reports for our clients. Each report is specifically prepared, for a fee agreed in advance.

Our focus is on providing impartial, clear, and relevant advice, backed up with the technical knowledge, high quality service and cost effective solutions appropriate to your needs. Consequently, we do not always recommend financial products as a solution: the guiding light is whatever is right for you.

Our initial meeting with you serves to gather both financial information and how you feel about such matters as levels of risk and where you are happy for any funds to be invested. This helps us to provide long term support in monitoring and progressing your financial interests.

Our individual planning reports address all aspects of your finances, including;

  • Investments
  • Pensions
  • Financial protection: life assurance, health and income protection.
  • Personal tax planning.
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Estate planning and family arrangements

Our detailed reports examine current arrangements, identify their strengths and weaknesses, make recommendations for any changes and set out any costs involved. Our work may also involve working with other trusted professionals where appropriate, for example a solicitor for drafting wills and trusts, or stock brokers where selecting individual shares are required.

Whilst many advisers have opted to go down the 'Restricted' route and offer 'model' portfolios since the introduction of the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) on the 1st January 2013, we have not, and prefer to construct bespoke portfolios for all clients from the widest possible choices the market offers.

Independence and bespoke advice is at the heart of what we do. We ensure that the best outcome is achieved by setting the Asset Allocation, selecting the most appropriate asset classes and invest directly, where possible, and in the most cost effective way.

We aim to utilise tax efficient, cost effective and flexible arrangements, in developing strategies that can adapt to ever changing circumstances. These arrangements can also be reviewed and amended if required. Our financial solutions are straightforward, with transparent costs and clear objectives.

Ultimately, we understand that our role is a highly personal one, no two clients are the same, nor should they be treated as such.