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Independent Financial Advisers · Chartered Financial Planners · Discretionary Wealth Managers


How do you know if the advice you receive, is right for you?

Founded on the principle of providing independent, unbiased advice, we go to great lengths to ensure that any advice we offer reflects what we would do, if we were you. Unlike many advisors, our status as Independent Financial Advisors and Chartered Financial Planners gives us the freedom to act in this way.

This unbiased approach applies to everything we do, including our traditional Investment Advice and our Discretionary Investment Management services. Both are managed by our highly skilled and experienced in-house investment team. 

In practice, it means that we advise you on the right selection of assets to suit your needs and in line with your investment risk profile.

Assets we may advise you on include:

  • National Savings & Investment Products
  • Shares
  • Government Conventional and Index Linked Gilts
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Cash Deposits
  • Equities
  • Property
  • Commodities
  • Alternative Investments and Asset Classes, such as Infrastructure

There are numerous investment solutions that are available to you, for which we advise on the most efficient to meet your circumstances whilst utilising tax advantages. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)
  • Collective Investment funds such as Unit Trusts, OEICs, Investment Trusts
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Investment Platforms
  • Investment Bonds (onshore and offshore)
  • Stock Broking Accounts
  • Venture Capital Trusts (VCT)*
  • Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS)*

*These products are not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

We are not keen on With Profits, Managed Funds, Fund of Funds Products, Hedge Funds and Structured Products because these lack transparency, often have high charges, lack flexibility and are not always designed for the individual’s needs. By avoiding these we find we can ensure you are invested in line with the Asset Allocation appropriate to you and our clients know exactly where they are invested, without any ‘smoke and mirrors’. However, we continuously review the market with changes being made as necessary.

Quarterly valuations

To ensure your portfolio of investments continues to work for you and reflects changing investment markets, we provide you with a quarterly valuation, clearly showing the performance and direction of your investments. We also provide online access to your portfolio, as well as updates, newsletters and investment reports. 


We understand that you, like every client, will be different from the rest and have particular objectives. Whether you wish to take an income from your investments, require capital growth, to invest ethically, or invest with a future aspirations in mind, we can provide you with wholly independent, fee-based expert advice.