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Independent Financial Advisers · Chartered Financial Planners · Discretionary Wealth Managers

Our Charges

We are independent. This applies to our Independent Financial Advisers, our Investment Managers and to the firm as a whole.

  • It means that we charge on a transparent fee basis
  • It means that we are committed to providing you with advice and recommendations based wholly on our understanding of your interests
  • It means that we tell you what we would do, if we were you

Initial meeting without cost or obligation

We are happy to meet, at our expense, to discuss your requirements and how we might help you and add value for you. We then provide proposals, coupled with a fee schedule. These are explained and agreed with you before we undertake any chargeable work on your behalf.

Ongoing Transparency

Our client relationships typically last for many years, during which time the specific services we provide might vary for one year to the next. Throughout, we continue to operate on the same transparent basis as at the outset, with all services and fees agreed in advance.

We offer a fee-based service, even on products that can still bear commissions. 

We do not charge initial fees on investing your money (most firms charge an upfront fee, often percentage based on the amount being invested).

Our full fee guide is available here and our full corporate guide is here

Advisory and Discretionary Investment Management fees

Always clear and agreed in advance, our fees for both advisory and discretionary investment management are calculated according to the value of funds under management, with thresholds granting lower rates for larger sums. This reflects the efficiency that larger funds permit.