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Pensions & Divorce

  • Thorough and dispassionate advice on the options before you
  • Advisers experienced in how different proposals are likely to be received

Pension rights can be one of the most complex aspects of a divorce or dissolution settlement. It is imperative that advice is obtained from the various professionals to ensure all angles are covered, including the services of a solicitor and independent financial adviser.

When it comes to analysis of the assets, there are many options and making the wrong decision now could cost thousands over the longer term. In relation to pensions, consideration should be given to some of the following:

  • What do the rules and trustees of an occupational scheme determine you should do in the case of a divorce?
  • Will the divorce result in a shortfall to your income needs and what changes to plans need to be made as a result of losing part of your pension?
  • If you receive part of your spouse’s pension as part of the settlement, then how can you ensure this will provide you with the income required in future?

We are committed to helping all parties understand the pros and cons of the various options that need to be considered. We can obtain and review the financial information received direct, or from a solicitor, to ensure that the settlement is reasonable and justifiable in court.

We can assist you by:

  • Producing an up-to-date valuation of the financial assets and plans in place
  • Analysis of current income and costs and developing future income and expenditure projections
  • Advising on pensions and other investments
  • Providing cash flow forecasts over your lifetime to take into account the various options available