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Retirement Planning

At McCarthy Taylor, we believe planning for retirement should be about providing options and fulfilling ambitions. Together, we will provide a flexible plan to help you achieve the retirement that is right for you, considering:

  • Access to an initial tax efficient lump sum
  • A secure and steady income upon leaving work, reducing salary or going part-time
  • Flexibility to vary income taken
  • Real control over where your funds are invested

Planning for retirement in the modern world needs to be able to adapt with your life circumstances and so it is essential to review plans regularly to ensure you are on track to meet your long term needs and address any issues whilst on that journey. A long term relationship with McCarthy Taylor will help develop a retirement strategy that will provide the level of flexibility and security appropriate to you.

As Chartered Financial Planners, we have specialists that can advise on all types of pensions including:

  • Stakeholder Pensions
  • Occupational Pensions
  • Personal Pensions
  • Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs)
  • Small Self Administered Schemes (SSASs)
  • Section 32 Contracts
  • Retirement Annuity Contracts
  • Government Schemes

We will review existing arrangements and recommend solutions that provide flexibility and tax efficiency to meet your needs.

Consideration of current legislation and various allowances, such as the Pension Input Periods, Annual Allowance and Carry Forward rules, are vital to ensure tax efficiency and optimum results.

Planning for retirement is not just limited to pensions; other products may also be suitable for your financial needs such as:

  • Individual Savings Accounts
  • Investment Bonds
  • Venture Capital Trusts*
  • Enterprise Investment Schemes*
  • National Savings & Investment products
  • Cash deposits

*These products are not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Despite the initiative introduced by the government to provide a ‘simplification’ of pensions, current retirement is now as complex as ever and it is recommended that advice is sought from an Independent Chartered Financial Planner.

We also highlight the risks involved in ‘Pension liberation’ schemes as we are seeing an increasing number of cold calling from such companies that promise access to higher benefits. These companies do not tend to be regulated by the FCA, nor covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and could result in a reduction of up to 50% of your pension plan.

Speak to McCarthy Taylor today to discuss your retirement planning requirements.